Daniela Hoeche is an executive coach and published author. For over 18 years, she has worked for executives in the top levels of management from international  companies. As a result, she is very familiar with the daily challenges of top management, but also with special challenges, including corporate locations set ups, corporate sales, corporate location and business closures as well as restructuring. From these experiences and knowledge, she has developed a personal business guide. This enables executives to meet every day and extraordinary challenges in a self-confident, self-responsible, timely and tailored manner.


As a writer, she is currently working with the creation of added value. Her latest book "Value-Networking" helps deliberate on values-based networking. It provides help on how people can manage themselves and situations more effectively and create added value through their more conscious, value-oriented approach. Her literary creativity she showed with her book "Soulstrip", which the Huffington Post, described in a book review as a masterpiece.


She has over 18 years experience in location setup, extension and close down of company locations, as well as experience in accompanying restructuring processes and corporate sales processes of various international companies.



Professional experience in the areas of


Human Resources

  • Assistance in recruiting process.

  • Providing the appropriate environment (organizational, technical, spatial, personnel) to ensure the fulfillment of tasks (e.g. preparation of on-boarding processes).

    • Development of guidelines in consultation with management (travel policy, company car policy, etc.).

    • Development of digital personnel management tools.

    • Organizational and administrative support.



  • Organization and management of necessary IT infrastructure, in collaboration with IT service providers and internal IT departments.

  • Developing electronic folder structures in consultation with senior management and IT



  • Optimization and professionalization of the purchasing and procurement processes.

  • Establishment and development of partnerships with suppliers and service providers.

  • Supplier relationship formation and active contact and negotiating partner for pricing and contract terms in coordination with management.

  • Introduction of supply and service management tools.



  • Support CEO and management in internal and external communication.

  • Support public relations partners, investors, service providers / suppliers, etc.

  • Optimization processes communication internally / externally.


Office Management

  • Coordination and organization of procedures and processes in the office.

  • Organization of corporate events.


Change Management

  • Support management for analysis of change situations and for conception and implementation of change management in the context of change projects (restructuring, liquidation, company location, corporate sales).

  • Support management level in the transition to new strategies, leadership, behaviors and methods of operating.

  • Assisting in the new development and advancement of change management processes.



  • Support sales strategies and analysis.



  • Self-developed executive coaching and consulting based on a personal business guidance, as well as self-developed seminars in the area:
    • Effective time management on the basis of useful targets and time setting.
    • Value-Networking
    • Motivation


Additional Experience


5 published books (English and German)



  • Very good experience in change management processes.

  • Many years of experience in objective target and implementation.

  • Strong communication (German and English)

  • Quick understanding of entrepreneurial coherences.

  • Very good experience in international business environment.

  • High competence in dealing with crises.

  • Familiar with challenges of digitization, innovative products, new work models and industrie 4.0.

  • Extensive experience with the tasks and challenges of the top management level.



  • Honesty, respect, loyalty and unprejudiced.
  • Responsibility and pro-activity.
  • Positive thinking and acting solution-oriented.


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, you are a leader.

~ John Quincy Adams

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