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The Executive-Split

Directors and executives not only have very different motives and goals that drive and motivate them in their positions as decision makers, but also special challenges they have to manage daily. With the status the position brings with it, you will not only enjoy creative freedom and opportunities to make a difference, but also carry a high degree of responsibility.


Internal processes, departments, international business development, development of new work models, employee and innovation promoting are just in your responsibility as the external representation of the company is in your responsibility. The construction and maintenance of business and customer relationships, authorities, media and dealing with the competition are just a few examples to name. This makes Executives the constant focus of interest. The success of the company depends on decisions they make.


The position of a higher Executive therefore requires on one hand a strong own center that holds together, balances and controls the administrative apparatus. Equally it requires on the other hand a flexibility to accomplish the executive-split between the different demands and requirements.


Coaching helps

A coaching challenges and encourages you equally. It reflects, questions and motivates.Target and solution-oriented, it’s tailored to your personal needs. It comes to assist you with your challenges, your development and your progress. Together with your coach you work on implementing your goals and expedite important changes for you. The Personal Business Guidance, supports our coaching. Specially developed for it, it supports us to not lose sight of important details from the target definition to target realization. Regular feedback meetings track the progress and give you the possibility to adapt the coaching to your needs at any time. This is about you!


Your goals, your vision become a shared mission.

As different as people are, is as different as their reasons for requiring coaching. However, the commonality shared by all is the pursuit of personal development.

  • better communi­cation and understanding of situations
  • objective target
  • planned changes
  • more balance
  • more certainty and clarity
  • reflexion
  • honest sparringspartner
  • support with challenges

Whatever moves you, I would love to support you.


Executive coaching, the personal development

As an executive coach, I support you to increase your effectiveness. I demand and encourage equally. Thereby your pro-activity becomes motivated. Your circle of influence grows. Your focus starts becoming more targeted and solution oriented. Your awareness becomes more sensitive, thereby situations gain clarity and your decisions become more certain. You develop new skills as your productivity continues to rise. Balance starts becoming a habit and your stress level falls. Reflection offers you an outer, more objective perspective that helps you to find solutions yourself. The interaction with me is a great opportunity to receive honest feedback from a person who is not involved in the situation. 


The Personal Business Guidance - an innovative partner.

The Personal Business Guidance is an innovative partner that supports the coaching. Specially developed by me, it teaches one not to lose sight of important details. It doesn’t replace your vision, goals, and needs, but supports them with the necessary strength, flexibility and intensity. It allows us to analyze situations and possibilities with more detail and make us more focused and goal-oriented.


The coaching process

For me it is a top priority that you achieve sustained success through coaching. For this to be possible, planning and analysis is very important not only for the preparation of coaching, but also for the process of coaching. The demand analysis gives me the opportunity to consider and better understand your situation, needs and targets to create a strong customized coaching concept. The demand-analysis as well as the coaching-concept aren’t only supportive and effective planning tools for the coaching, they’re also measuring instruments during the coaching process. We can easily track progress or quickly implement necessary ad­justments. It not only show clear results, but also motivates you to further the coaching process.

In coaching, we focus on a holistic approach. Thus, we create harmony by all areas and roles to achieve sustainable success. In dialogue with me, you have the necessary space and time to address issues, challenges, uncertainties and needs openly and receive honest feedback from an external party.

Together we define the coaching schedule. Regular dates, or coaching interval as well as a mix of both is possible. The total duration depends on the needs and goals of the indi­vidual. The total process should take approximately 3 - 6 months at an average of 2-4 hours a week. The coaching can take place at your office, at a neutral place, by skype or by telephone.


There are many Executive-coaching’s. Therefore, I give you three reasons why you should contact us.

  1. The developed Personal Business Guidance combines the classic needs to coaching with the needs of the present time, having regard to future challenges. This not only allows us keen insight for solution-oriented thinking, but also fore­sight.

  2. From the daily interaction with company budgets I’m aware that everything must pay off, even coaching and consulting. Therefore, the focus of my coaching is on quality and effec­tiveness. This allows us short periods with long-term bene­fits and also the highest possible flexibility in implementing the coaching program. My goal isn’t that you become de­pendent on me for a long time, but independent of me quickly.

  3. In my over 18 years of professional experience, I am aware that free time is a rare commodity at the management level. For this reason we also focus on the obtained results in the coaching process to quickly integrate them into your daily work, thus becoming a useful part of your daily routine.


A first meeting?

  • You want a first meeting to get to know me?
  • Want to have more background information on the coaching or seminars?
  • Or you still have questions that are looking for answers?


Contact me




to arrange an appointment. The informational consultation is free of charge and without obligation. It usually takes an hour and gives you also the opportunity to get to know me. The discussion topics are treated by me in the strictest confidence.


I look forward to meeting you!



If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, you are a leader.

~ John Quincy Adams

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